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We are offering solutions for every indoor climate problems.

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    Our product range covers almost all residential and commercial cooling needs.

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    We can offer heat pumps and pellet boilers for almost all residential needs.

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    Humidification is simply the addition of water to air. However, humidity exerts a powerful influence on environmental and physiological factors. Improper humidity levels (either too high or too low) can cause discomfort for people and damage many kinds of equipment and materials. Conversely, the proper type of humidification equipment can help you achieve effective, economical and trouble-free control of humidity.

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    The need for efficient dehumidification is not just restricted to neither water damage, construction work, production processes, swimming pools and waterworks and other obviously damp areas. Buildings, valuables and people in all sorts of climates will often benefit from dehumidification in less obvious everyday situations.

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    Installation materials

    Our product range consist of different HVAC installation materials- copper pipes, support frames, condensate removal pumps etc.