Comfortable for rooms with low ceilings.

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Temperature & pressure control of VRF technology ensures faster, more accurate and stable operation of compressor.

LG’s Single and Multi Split models, the only solutions in the same product category to feature innovative Temperature & Pressure Control Sensor equipped with advanced VRF pressure control technology.
Generally single and multi split systems estimate pressure to operate compressor via a single sensor, which measures refrigerant, internal and external temperature. However, LG’s latest Single and Multi Split series add the Temperature & Pressure Control Sensor, which directly analyzes and controls refrigerant pressure and temperature, boosting compressor performance in terms of accuracy and efficiency. Precisely, the Temperature & Pressure Control Sensor leads to quicker, more effective heating and cooling. It also helps to extend the compressor’s operational lifespan and ensure stable performance in all kinds of weather conditions.

pressure and temp sensor


Eurovent Certified

The Certification Mark guarantees that the products have been submitted to independant checking and that they have been accurately rated. This mark guarantees specifiers, installers and end users that products marketed by a participant have been accurately rated.

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Optimised Air Flow for Cooling & Heating

During the cooling operation, the vane adjusts upwards to direct the air flow towards the ceiling.When heating, the vane directs the warm air downwards to balance the room temperature especially for floor.

optimised air flow



Quick Floor Heating

Console air conditioners offer a fast and powerful performance. Using the floor heating mode, console air conditioners provide faster floor heating nd help to reach the desired temperature quickly.
5-Step Vane Control

There are 5 different stages to control air flow direction.

vane 5 step


Healthier Air (3 Stage Air Filter System

1st Advanced pre filter : The antibacterial pre-filter primarily reduces large dust particles, mould and quilt dust.
1 step 

2nd Allergy Filter : Filter consists of enzyme that breaks down allergens, apatite and organic/inorganic binders. When the air passes through the filter, allergens cling to the filter, and the filter deactivates the allergens.

2 step

3rd Plasma Ion Generator : The sterilised ion generator emits around 1.2 million ions, and traps some of the airborne hazardous substances

3 step

Easy Installation and Service
6 different ways to install piping




Techical Info
Mudel Siseosa CQ09NA0 CQ12NA0 CQ18NA0
Jahutusvõimsus Min./Nom./Max. kW 1,3/2,6/3,4 1,4/3,5/3,7 2/4,6/5,5
Küttevõimsus Min./Nom./Max. kW 1,4/3,1/4,2 1,6/4/4,4 2,2/4,8/6,0
Aastane energiakulu (jahutus) kWh 172 231 343
SEER (jahutus) W/W 5,11 5,31 4,71
Aastane energiakulu (küte) kWh 1032 1105 1396
SCOP (küte) W/W 3,81 3,81 3,81
Energia klass Jahutus/Küte A/A B/A
Müratase Siseosa dB(A) 38/32/27 39/32/27 44/39/35
Välisosa dB(A) 47 48
Mõõdud (WxHxD) Siseosa mm 700x600x210
Välisosa mm 770x540x245 870x655x320
Kaal (netto) Siseosa kg 14
Välisosa kg 32 46
Torustiku mõõt Vedel + Gaas toll 1/4″ – 3/8″ 1/4″ – 1/2″
Freoon R410A
Maksimaalne trassi pikkus m 15 40
Maksimaalne kõrguste vahe m 10 30
Lubatud tööpiirid Küte/Jahutus °C -18~18/-10~43
Elektriandmed Pinge V/Ph/Hz 220-240/1/50
Kaitsme suurus A 16 20
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