The LG PRESTIGE inverter high wall system is the premium wall mounted range suitable for heating in harsh nordic climate.

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The LG PRESTIGE inverter high wall system is the premium wall mounted range suitable for heating in harsh nordic climate. This model have the highest SCOP energy efficiencies of an any of the other LG heat pumps. These class leading figures are obtained by the active energy control used on the outdoor unit coupled to a twin rotary compressor design.


Eurovent Certified
The Certification Mark guarantees that the products have been submitted to independant checking and that they have been accurately rated. This mark guarantees specifiers, installers and end users that products marketed by a participant have been accurately rated.

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Power Heating
LG Residential Air Conditioners satisfy your heating needs while consuming less energy, by heating a wider space in a shorter period of time to create a warm and comfortable living environment.
heating power

With a wider operating range in heating models, LG inverter air conditioners will heat your room effectively and efficiently in extreme outdoor temperature conditions.


Active Easy Energy Control

Active Energy Control, this function can choose level of power consumption, 80% or 60%. A smart way of reducing
energy consumption by controlling with Active energy control.


Silence 17dB

LG’s unique skew fan and BLDC motor technology eliminates unnecessary noise and allows for smooth operation at the lowest sound level.

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Improved Skew Fan

By reducing the second vortex, which decreases airflow within the air outlet, and enlarging the fan size, airflow is increased from 12 CMM to 15.5 *CMM.
skew fan


Wi-Fi Ready & LG AC Tag On

Control your air conditioners with the smart internet devices.
Tag smart phone to the Indoor unit and get air conditioner information and error code.

WIFI intesis
Plasmaster Ionizer Plus
The powerful plasma Ionizer protects you from odors and harmful substances in the air with over 3 million ions to sterilize not only the air passing through the air conditioner, but also surrounding surfaces for a safer, cleaner environment.



Techical Info
Mudel Siseosa H09AL H12AL
Jahutusvõimsus Min./Nom./Max. W 300/2500/3800 300/3500/4040
Küttevõimsus Min./Nom./Max. W 300/3200/6600 300/4000/6800
Aastane energiakulu (jahutus) kWh 95 132
SEER (jahutus) W/W 9,30 9,20
Aastane energiakulu (küte) W/W 855 985
SCOP (küte) kWh 5,30 5,30
Energia klass Jahutus/Küte A+++/A+++
Müratase Siseosa dB(A) 17/25/33/39
Välisosa dB(A) 48
Mõõdud (HxWxD) Siseosa mm 875X295X235
Välisosa mm 870X655X320
Kaal (netto) Siseosa kg 11,5
Välisosa kg 42
Torustiku mõõt Vedel + Gaas toll 1/4″ + 3/8″
Freoon R410a
Maksimaalne trassi pikkus m 20
Maksimaalne kõrguste vahe m 10
Lubatud tööpiirid Küte/Jahutus °C -15 ÷ 18/-10 ÷ 46
Elektriandmed Pinge V/Ph/Hz 220/1/50
Kaitsme suurus A 13
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