The design of LG air conditioners are stylish in a way that is incomparable to others. Style your space.

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LG air conditioner is manifestation of stlye and luxury. Stlye your space.


Eurovent Certified

The Certification Mark guarantees that the products have been submitted to independant checking and that they have been accurately rated. This mark guarantees specifiers, installers and end users that products marketed by a participant have been accurately rated.

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LED Lightning

Even if you have limited living space, Artcool Stylist enables you to fully articulate your individuality through its design.

Artcool style

3way Soft Airflow

LG air conditioner delivers cool air to every corner of your room. The 3 way soft airflow blows air quickly and efficiently in all directions.

AirFlow LG

Innovative Remote Controller

Simple & intuitive control display with “Hot Key”,the multi-purpose function, for quick usage.

Artcool remote

Techical Info
Mudel G09WL G12WL
Jahutusvõimsus Min./Nom./Max. W 1300/2500/3500 1300/3500/4000
Küttevõimsus Min./Nom./Max. W 1300/3000/4200 1300/3500/5000
Aastane energiakulu (jahutus) kWh 170 220
SEER (jahutus) W/W 5,70 5,60
Aastane energiakulu (küte) W/W 1100 1224
SCOP (küte) kWh 3,80 3,80
Energia klass Jahutus/Küte A+/A
Müratase Siseosa dB(A) 19/29/34/39
Välisosa dB(A) 45
Mõõdud (HxWxD) Siseosa mm 645x645x121
Välisosa mm 770x545x288
Kaal (netto) Siseosa kg 18
Välisosa kg 34
Torustiku mõõt Vedel + Gaas toll 1/4″ + 3/8″
Freoon R410a
Maksimaalne trassi pikkus m 15
Maksimaalne kõrguste vahe m 7
Lubatud tööpiirid Küte/Jahutus °C -15 ÷ 18/-10 ÷ 46
Elektriandmed Pinge V/Ph/Hz 220/1/50
Kaitsme suurus A 16
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